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Chicago Psychology Podcast

Jun 25, 2019

In episode 16 of the Chicago Psychology Podcast, Dr. Hoye sits down with Kendall Alaimo. Kendall is a survivor of child sex trafficking and an international activist on the prevention of child sexual abuse. She is a clinical educator that provides medical trainings on innovating care for complex trauma. As a professionally trained artist she believes art can be used as a strong catalyst to express and heal fragmented trauma.  Lastly, Kendall is the executive producer of The Sentenced to Life Podcast that she created along side fellow trauma expert Dr. Jason LaHood.
Kendall discusses her journey through trauma, surviving and thriving. She also describes her use of Ketamine therapy, a psychedelic-like anesthesia that has been helpful in treating treatment-resistant depression and posttraumatic stress disorder. Of course, we both discuss Sentenced to Life podcast. This is a candid, revealing interview, that informs about the course of trauma from a survivor's perspective, and gives insight into the powerful effectiveness of ketamine for treating mental health afflictions.
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